The Double Standards of Sex

How does the double standards of sex impact women in society?Watch the unedited YouTube Live version here.There are a ton of double standards in the world when it comes to men and women, but the double standards of sex seems to get people riled up the most.  When a guy is having sex with a... Continue Reading →

Do Revolutionaries Go To Heaven?

I have a great discussion with world traveler and historian, Taye Uhuru.Watch the unedited YouTube Live version here.Taye Uhuru is a man driven to help others reclaim something that black people lost a long time ago...Our history.I truly enjoyed speaking with him about the many things he\'s done in his life from visiting approximately 70... Continue Reading →

I Hate Your Friends!

You love your boo, but you hate his/her friend!  What to do?Watch the unedited YouTube Live video here.It’s not a good idea for a couple to spend all of their time together. Having friends to hang with can give a person the break they need to avoid smothering their s/o. But here’s where a problem can... Continue Reading →

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