Life in the ATL: Real or Fake?

Is Atlanta a wanna-be Hollywood or does it just get a bad rap?Watch the unedited version on YouTube here.Listen on your favorite podcast platform here.This conversation happens quite often, especially with people from the South.  Is the ATL all that it\'s cracked up to be?So many people move there to start new careers or small... Continue Reading →

A Conversation With Show Legends

My first five Show Legends joined me to discuss T2Q\'s 10th birthday.Watch the unedited YouTube video here.Listen on your favorite podcast platform here. Duration: 76 minutes.This episode was a YouTube-exclusive video of the conversation that I had with my Year One Show Legends, but I\'ve decided to release it as a podcast episode.  the Talk 2... Continue Reading →

Are Men Supposed To Pay Your Bills?

When a man is in a relationship or married, is it his duty to pay a woman\'s bills? Watch the unedited live show on YouTube here!Play on your favorite listening platform here!Duration: 50 minutes.T2Q kicks off Season 10 with a relationship topic that will leave a lot of people heated!  Are men responsible for paying a... Continue Reading →

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