Welcomes Scott from This Daddys Blog!

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Scott brought it on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! He met some opposition from the callers on his stance on spanking, but he didn’t back down. He also received some support from Maritza and Beverly in the chat room who agreed with him 100%. He really help put some things in perspective and held his own against M&M, who is one of the show’s strongest callers.

I enjoy reading Scott’s blog because he stands for what he believes in regardless of what people around him may think. If it’s what is best for his family, then he’s really to fight you tooth-and-nail for that right. That’s an admirable quality that I wish more people possessed. I urge each and everyone of you to follow his blog at http://www.thisdaddysblog.com and get a look at the life of a man who does whatever it takes to be a leader in his household.

Great interview! I hope I can get him back on the show to discuss some NFL soon!

(props to Roderick Thurman for the banner)

Scott from This Daddys Blog joins the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  

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