#T2Q XLI – About This (Online) Dating Thing…

Listen here!

Coach Stephanie from meetjuliet.com is back! She first appeared on the June 16th show along with Angela (maneatersblog.com) and we discussed relationships.

She’s coming back to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show to discuss the world of online dating.

-How do you get started dating online?

-What are advantages over traditional dating?

-Are there truly success stories?

We’ll hit those topics and more! Follow me @Talk2Q and Coach Steph @meetjuliet

Part of the philosphy from her site: “Why should you join MeetJuliet.com? Because we want to teach you how to get love and keep love, not just search for love…”

2 thoughts on “#T2Q XLI – About This (Online) Dating Thing…

  1. Online dating is fun.One thing i like about online dating is that you get to talk to the person first online and if you find out that you are compatible, you can then find out if the chemistry sticks, even if you haven’t met the person yet, by continuing your relationship on the net.

  2. Thanks for commenting, SC! I agree that there is a sense of safety and convenience that allows people to field more candidates until they find someone suitable.

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