Control Freaks

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How do you deal with a control freak?

Ladies, what if he doesn’t want you to have friends or wants to have a say in your wardrobe?

Fellas, what if she checks your text messages or calls you constantly?

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Real Men Seek: Charli Penn

I started following Charli’s blog earlier in the Spring during The Stunner Tournament. In fact, I think Sonia from over at LogAllot and CriTEEKMyBlog introduced us. She’s a married 20-something living in the state of California who writes for Essence Magazine.

What prompted me to follow her blog was the variety of entertainment contained on it. Man, Wife & Dog is a blog site that can do everything from give you a tip on how to improve certain aspects of your marriage to fun photos/videos that will brighten your day. My personal favorite is, “Why We Shall Be Known and Mr. and Mrs. Honey Badger From Now On.” Long title, but my favorite post because of the included video.

What makes Charli so great is that she’s a perfect example of someone who knows how to balance husband, pet, work and life in general. One post may be about how she met Will Smith on the job, the next is showing photos of her at the state fair with “The Man” or maybe just telling a story about Karma, her dog.

Charli Penn truly represents what real men seek: intelligence, spontaneity, a sense of humor and class.

Here is an excerpt from one of her blog posts that inspires couples on how to approach marriage. Please continue to her site to finish the post and follow her blog while you’re there. You’ll be a better person and will find yourself a step closer to being what real men seek.

“Remember when I blogged about how The Man and I are so not The Huxtables, well I’d like to think that by not always playing by the typical rules of marriage that makes us kind of bas-ass, right? If we’re happy and kind to other, what’s so wrong with that? They say rules were made to be broken, right? So why shouldn’t those on marriage apply? When you think about it, being a “bad-ass” couple can be a good thing. As evidence I present The Man and Wife’s Guide to Being a Bad-Ass Married Couple.

Rule #1
Don’t hold your tongues! Be honest (even if painfully so) with each other and your in-laws always. Sometimes the politically correct thing to do is stay quiet or sugar coat how you feel, but we found that usually just causes more problems at home. We make no secret of the fact that communication is the foundation of our marriage, and when you pair it with honesty it can be really freeing. You’re going to hurt some feeling, and that’s unfortunate, but keeping your feelings bottled in will only hurt you later.”

Be sure to go here for the rest of her blog post. Lastly, check out my interview with her back on July 7th.

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Breaking Out My Soap Box

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Jay-Z drops $250k in a night club with a $50k tip

Soulja Boy drops the f-bomb on the troops

PETA gets a XXX domain site

Sarah Palin slept with Glen Rice?

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Part III

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We’re back for Part 3 of the “Let’s Talk About Sex” series! This time, we have three ladies who are set to join the mix!

Angela of
One of our favorite callers, Lady T, returns!
and a newcomer, Ms. Manhood!

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Freak Me, Baby!

Okay, now that I have your attention… A question came up during my interview on Looking For My Spouse Radio last week:

Should a woman go “Jenna Jameson” on a man during their first sexual encounter?

Grab the camera, baby!

In other words, the first time she gets with a man, should she let herself go and use every move that she has? Or should she show him just a little bit more of her arsenal with each experience?

Now, there are two ways to look at this: if you decide to break out the lubes, gerbils, jumper cables and a tarp to spread on the floor, then it could cause a bit of anxiety with the man. Especially, if he’s old school.

Some of the traditional men think that the freakiness of a long-term sexual relationship should evolve over time. If a woman breaks out the whips and chains on sex night #1, then the average traditional man will think that she’s “been around the block” and will consider her as a “freak.” More than likely, this means that any chance of something long term will end after that evening. Is it fair? Maybe not, but it’s reality. Guys know that every woman they meet isn’t a virgin, but if they’re going to consider that woman for something long term, then they may not be comfortable with the fact that she appears to have tons of experience. Even if she’s only been with one or two guys before, a lady breaking out a camcorder and tripod the very first time could scare off the guy. Now, of course this doesn’t apply to one-night stands. Anything goes when there’s no future planned between the two.

Now, let’s look at this from another point of view. And this may be from a more modern view. Some guys don’t want a corpse in bed. They want a woman who is going to “bring it” like a $1,000 hooker. To them, if a woman is not holding anything back the first time they have sex, then she’s being true to herself. She’s allowing her passion to take over her actions and that lack of restraint could mean a lifetime of pleasure for him. In his mind, she is so comfortable with her sexuality and him, that she’s allowing her desires to take over the situation. So, even if she asks to be spanked, he’s more willing to oblige because he realizes and accepts the fact that whatever sex happened prior to him is simply “the past” and her only focus is “the present.”

No, not “whipped cream,” I said, “whip, scream.”

Besides, aren’t women allowed to enjoy sex, too? Should women be bound to traditional concepts and suppress what they’re really feeling just to maintain an image in bed? How stupid is that? Before my interview on LFMS Radio, I would have fallen into that traditional line of thinking. Hearing someone’s point of view on the topic actually made me reconsider. Back when I was single, a woman who got all Vivid Video with me would have scared me off. In fact, it did happen with one lady in particular. She did way too much way too soon (first date) and before I knew her last name, I knew how flexible she was. Fast forward to today, if I were in that same position (no pun intended), I’d be a little more understanding of what happened. Now, I still would not have considered this particular young lady as long term material because on that first date, I determined that she was a straight hood rat. LOL! But, I wouldn’t have let her appetite for destruction in the bedroom deter me.

So, fellas, let’s cut the women some slack. If they want to let it all hang out (literally), then don’t assume it’s because she took classes at the Bunny Ranch or something. Regardless of where her ideas originate, just be thankful that she wants to share them with you. Even if it’s not your thing, it would be unfair to pass judgement on her. She’s not a ho because she enjoys sex. She’s just a human being who likes sex. Women deal with too many double standards as it is. No one would say anything if a man asked a woman if he could “wheelbarrow” her against the headboard during their first time. That’s just a “man being a man,” right?

Well, when can a “woman just be a woman?” Don’t you want a woman who enjoys sex? Hello?

Forget tradition. I want her to do me like I owe her a mule.

What are the Cherry Letters?

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What is a “Repeat Relationship?”

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