Life Imitating Hip-Hop

Initially, the show was supposed to be an interview with a model named, Anise Tai, but due to unforeseen circumstances, she wasn’t able to join the show.  So, we got into the discussion of how every day people allow rap to influence their lives.

Listen to the show here!
Callers M&M, Ray, Buck, Amanda and Lady T discussed the following:

-How life imitates rap instead of the other way around
-Why do women hate women?
-Why do young males not know how to talk to females any more?

So much of the above stems from people wanting to be like the folks they see in the music videos.

As for Anise, we’ll try to catch up with her at a later date.  Her info is below if you want to check her out.

Twitter: @AniseTai

Check out her Model Mayhem spread here!

Straight model talk on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!
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