Involved Ladies, Let Me Help You Out…

(This is a long one, but it may help so many of you…)

Ladies, most of you truly don’t know how easy it is to satisfy a man. Sure, most of you have mothers who may have taught you that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, but things are different in today’s world.

A lot of you with boyfriends/husbands knew the way at one time, but have either forgotten it or have chosen to ignore it. Involved ladies, let me help you out when it comes to easily keeping your man happy with you.

The way to a man’s heart is through his ego. It’s just that simple. That three letter word can be the difference between you having a happy man or a man who eventually grows tired of being around you.

If a man can’t be uplifted by the woman he was willing to give up his single life for then his ego will be crushed and his happiness will slowly erode.

Let me give you an example of how a man can easily be separated from his woman emotionally:

John works 40+ hours a week as a salesperson. He’s worked really hard to do well and sell his company’s product. In his office, his co-workers really like and admire the work that he does and compliment him regularly on his performance.

John gets home from a good day at work and tells his wife, Tonya, about his day and how he sold more product than he has ever before. She says “that’s great, honey” very dryly and quickly changes the subject to “what’s for dinner?”

Now, this doesn’t sound like much to most women who probably read that, but to the men who read it, it’s something they’ve probably all experienced before. Even though it wasn’t a huge bonus or promotion, John chose to come home and share a good work experience with Tonya and she blew it off as “no big deal”.

Men always get stereotyped for not sharing, but sometimes when we share something that is important to us, if it’s not important to you, it hurts. If you can’t get enthusiastic about something that excites your mate, then why are you with him? If he’s happy and it’s not a big deal to you, then why would he continue to share anything with you?

Now, I’m going to show you how “bad” can turn to “worse”: John gets back to work the next day and in walks Sasha. She’s a curvy co-worker who is single and aggressive. “Great job with the extra sales, John”, she starts. “I think you do such an excellent job.”

Ladies, this is how relationships go wrong. It’s not always about a man not getting sex at home like some of you have been trained to think. It’s about a man not getting uplifted at home. If he has to leave home to find someone who appreciates his achievements, then that’s sad. If his support and compliments come from outside of the place he lays his head at night, then his mind will eventually wander from that place.

Tonya didn’t recognize the fact that John was seeking her approval when he mentioned his extra sales. He wanted to show the person he chose to spend his life with that he was excelling. Now that he hasn’t received that support from home, do you know how much better Sasha looks at the moment now that she’s given him the lift he was craving?

When a man’s ego is crushed, he will always think that it is something wrong with him. It will plague him to no end that his girlfriend/wife isn’t satisfied with his efforts. He’ll feel less of a man.

When another woman comes along and decides to stroke his ego, then he will start to think that there’s something wrong with his girlfriend/wife. At that point, he starts to look at her as a negative in his life instead of a positive.

All of this sounds so simple, yet it’s very real. Many of you may not know, but you’ve probably already lost a man or two because of your failure to support his ego. Some of you put down your man without even realizing it.

A man can go out and do something nice for you and still wind up feeling crummy afterwards. He can actually regret doing something nice for the woman he loves.

Let’s say Tonya always does the dishes every evening. She washes them and puts them away in the cabinet every single night. One evening, John decides to surprise Tonya and do the dishes so that she can relax. He washes them, but leaves them in the drain instead of drying and putting them in the cabinet.

Instead of Tonya being thankful for what he has done, her response is: “why did you wash the dishes and not put them up?”

I’m sure 99% of the ladies reading this is asking herself the same question: “Yeah, why didn’t he?”

It doesn’t matter that he didn’t. He put forth an effort to make Tonya’s evening easier yet she was unappreciative because he didn’t make it easy enough for her.

Every man who’s reading this now is smiling and thinking “Thank, God someone finally said this.”

Let me flip the script for a moment: A woman could go outside, grab the lawn mower and proceed to mow only 25% of the yard. That man will brag about it to his friends that his girlfriend/wife made the effort to help him with yard work. He won’t show displeasure for her not finishing it all. That’s just not how the average man’s mind works.

But, let a man only do 25% of one of his woman’s chores and not only will she not appreciate the fact she only has 75% left, she will feel insulted by it.

If you want to run a man off, literally or emotionally, then keep doing this. Because I guarantee you that Sasha will appreciate every single, little thing that he does at the office.

Every sales strategy he provides. Every inside tip he shares. Every good joke he cracks. Everything he does well, she will remind him of how well he does it. She will show him the same admiration that you once showed him at the beginning of your relationship.

What happens after that point strictly depends on his character.

Now, what I would like from the female bloggers who have read this is something of your own entitled “Involved Guys, Let Me Help You Out…” I want you to explain to the men the one thing that we just don’t seem to get that end up driving a wedge between you and him.

I will link the best responses to this blog.

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