Revoke Your Black License

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I was instant messaging a co-worker of mine who resides in Richmond, VA. She’s a football fan and we’re talking NFL when the subject of other sports came up. I mentioned that I liked the NBA and NCAA basketball, but that I’d really enjoyed the NHL this past season.

There was a long pause in a response to my message and then she replied, “What?”

“NHL. Hockey. Football on ice”, I replied.

Then I saw a series of “LOL’s” all across my screen. She was laughing at me.

“How can a black man from the south enjoy hockey?”

“Uh, I just do. It’s an exciting sport! And the presentation of the Stanley Cup is the greatest trophy presentation I’ve ever seen.”

“That’s it. I’m pulling your race card, Q. I’m going to revoke your black license.”

Wow. A black man can’t enjoy hockey? A person from the south isn’t allowed to ‘pimp the puck’? One day I decided to give hockey a chance back in ’93 and I’ve followed the New Jersey Devils ever since (I picked them since my alma mater’s mascot are Devils). Mix in the fact that we have a minor league hockey team in Biloxi and my interest grew even more.

In fact, The Mrs. and I (who was just a girlfriend at the time) attended Game 7 of the Kelly Cup and sat through double-OT (until 2 AM) until the Mississippi Seawolves hoisted the Cup after an awesome goal (I knew at that point that she was marriage material if she was willing to sit through four hours of hockey with me).

Well, needless to say, I didn’t share the fact that I’ve attended a NASCAR race at Talledega on three separate occasions. My co-worker might have orchestrated a racial intervention at that point.

But, the bottom line is: I love sports. If there’s a ball involved or someone being timed, I’ll probably watch it. In fact, I think it’s sad that some people consider some sports a “white” or “black” sport simply based on stereotypes.

Basketball and Track & Field have always been considered “black” sports, the PGA, NHL, Tennis and NASCAR have always been considered “white” sports.

Does that mean I’m not allowed to view a sport “outside of my race” without getting my “black license” revoked? Of course not.

People need to be more open-minded when it comes to sports, music and movies. Black people need to stop hating on every white rapper that comes along and white people need to put more black people in lead roles on prime time TV.

And so on and so on. Let’s get past this crap already.

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2 thoughts on “Revoke Your Black License

  1. I think hockey rocks balls!!! I used to go to Michigan hockey games at Yost Arena all the time when I was in college. I made it to some Red Wings games and a couple of the poor Florida Panthers games too (only bc we got someone's tickets who couldn't make all of the games). I only like hockey IN PERSON though – watching it on tv sucks. Nobody should hate on you for digging hockey – it IS an exciting sport.

    THAT said, I'm fixin' ta revoke your “Supah Fly” License because you admitted to watching NASCAR. No. No. No. No. No. Not on TV, not in person, just not EVER. Cars drive around in circles really fast. How the fuck is that a sport?! It's not. If I tried it, it would be called “Reckless Driving” or “Extreme Tailgating” and I'd be in jail So, Q, if you want to remain firmly planted in the Reckmonster's “Supah Fly Peeps” club, you will ix-nay the ASScar-Nay!!! lol

  2. I watch my NJ Devils whenever they're on, but hockey is the ultimate sport to watch in-person. I used to go to the minor league games in Biloxi back in the day.

    As for NASCAR, it's not a sport. I'm not sure what to call it, but I don't consider golf or NASCAR a sport. Nor do I watch every race like I once did. I still find myself peeking at Daytona, Bristol and Talledega now and then, but I hate the business of the sport and how it's changed over the past decade. But, at one time, it was enjoyable and also something awesome to see in-person.

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