Cougars & Sugar Daddies!

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Is it better to date older or younger? Does it depend on how old you are? Is age simply just a number?

This topic came up on a friend’s FB Wall recently and it led to an interesting discussion. It brings up the topics of cougars like Stella getting her groove back to the ultimate sugar daddy in Hugh Hefner.

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QQOTD: Is A Piece of Man Better Than None At All?

Welcome to Thank, Q’s first “Q’s Quick Question of the Day”!

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I know times have changed. I realize that there aren’t too many candidates for good husbands left out there if you’re under the age of 30.

Young guys today just don’t get it. The light in their heads hasn’t come on yet and for some, it just won’t. So many are uneducated, unemployed or just plain disrespectful.

So, ladies, let me ask you this: is a piece of a man better than none at all?

Do you come out better having a few boyfriends who each possess a “good man” quality? Maybe one to stimulate your mind, one to stimulate your senses and one to stimulate your “economy”?

Or do you hold on and just pray that someone with some sense comes along?


Don’t Do It, Fellas!

I was at the Hilton Hotel partaking in a lunch buffet. The crowd was larger than I expected for a Thursday, but I decided to give it a go any way.

As I was fixing a salad, my attention was caught by a young lady and a young man standing to my left.

I watched that young man make an almost deadly mistake. Now, I know young people don’t think before doing certain things, but he almost didn’t come back from this one, folks. This guy did something that can get you killed quicker than wrong answers to 21 Questions on Falen’s FB page.

This guy asked a lady, who was not pregnant, when she was due.

It’s as if the entire restaurant went silent.

The lady’s left temple started throbbing on her forehead. Her right eye twitched as her head turned towards the guy in an owl-like fashion.

“And why do you think I’m pregnant?” she asked in a calm-before-the-storm-voice.

I started thinking to myself, “Dude, act like you didn’t hear her and just return to your table.”

But, of course, being young and stupid, he tried to explain, “Well, I didn’t mean that. I just thought… Well… I’m just sayin’…”

This lady went off on this dude like he’d left only a swallow of orange juice in the container (That’s a “Harlem Nights” reference for those of you paying attention — You need Netflix in your life).

After the guy took his 10 second verbal beating like a man, he smiled, apologized and proceeded to move on to another part of the buffet.

To all of my young male blog readers: if you see a woman with a larger-than-usual stomach. PLEASE do not assume that she is pregnant. Keep your comments to yourself! I don’t care if you see a baby’s foot sticking out of the zipper of her pants, do not assume she is with child.

DON’T DO IT, FELLAS! If you have done this before, then join our discussion here!


No One Owes You Respect

I was checking out FrancesMarie’s blog and it was so to-the-point, that I wanted to share it with others.

Respect is something that should be earned. No one owes you respect.

People are always talking about “being disrespected”. Well, what did you do to have someone lose respect for you in the first place?

Is it the short skirt/sagging pants? Is it the neck tattoo? Is it the 5th grade level grammar?

I’m not saying people should mistreat you because of these things, but don’t act like you’re owed something.

If you want to be treated like a lady, then learn how to act like one. If you want to be treated like a man, then learn how to take care of women instead of having them baby you.

That’s all I’m saying.


Why Isn’t This Lady Allowing Me To Merge?

Had a bout of road rage once while on a business trip in Windsor, CT. I’m leaving the airport on my way to the office. I just picked up a sweet Nissan Altima at Avis and I’m anxious to get on the interstate to see what this baby can do.

I hop on the on-ramp and proceed to get ready to merge onto the interstate. As I come around the loop, some lady pulls beside me in a BMW. So, since I’m just getting ready to merge, I don’t pay her much attention. I’m assuming that she will go on about her business and allow me into the slow lane.

Nope. Not the case. After three or four seconds of riding door-to-door with this idiot, I look over and she’s on her cell phone.

At this point, I realize that my lane is about to end soon, so I need to get over. “There’s no one in the fast lane, so why isn’t this lady allowing me to merge? Can’t she just move over and let me in?”

Nope. Not the case. Her phone call is so important that she’s willing to run me off the road instead of paying attention to her surroundings.

So, I had to punch my accelerator and jump in front of this nut before I ran out of lane. Wouldn’t you know it? After I did so, within a few seconds later, she comes passing me in the fast lane with that phone glued to her head.

“Oh, you can ride beside me for a week, but you can’t ride behind me, you loser? Now you wanna speed up?”

Do they even teach people to be courteous when driving now? Sometimes I think there’s a private school in each city that teaches people how to be blatantly rude to others. Why else does it seem like people purposely do stupid things to make life harder for others unnecessarily?

Do you know how many times I’ve had to use a can opener to get into my car because the idiot beside me has parked into my lane? That means you just parked, got out of your car and didn’t bother to look and see if you were between the lines. Now I have six inches of space between your car and my door.

Or what about those people who see you waiting on a parking spot as they approach their car to leave, but then they get in their car and sit for five minutes before backing out. “If you’re not leaving, then get your foot off of the brake and stop acting like you’re backing out!”

I’m sorry, but I have even more to get off of my chest. Bare with me, okay?

Don’t you hate it when people drive aggressively behind you for a long time? They’re so anxious to pass you and when they finally get the chance to do so, they get back in front of you and go slow again. Now you have to pass them back. “You’re all Dale Earnhardt behind me, but now you’re Driving Miss Daisy in front of me!!!!????”

Yeah, I hate those people, too. In fact, I’m getting road rage here at my desk as I type this. Is that possible? I just had an urge to ram my mouse into the base of my monitor. Is that bad?

Anyway. What else do I hate? I also hate people “on parade”. Those are the idiots on the interstate who get in the fast lane, but do the speed limit. The end result is two cars driving side-by-side because the idiot in the fast lane refuses to speed past the person in the slow lane and allow everyone else behind him to get through. This results in a line of cars a la a parade.

I have a fix for all of the above problems, but for some reason, I can’t get a patent for my idea.

I wonder why?


White Women Who Love Black Men

This will be an emotional and touchy subject to discuss. There are some white women who have a preference for black men. There are some black women who are literally offended by the notion that a white woman is moving in on “her man.”

Do white women care what black women think?

Are black men obligated to black women?

What attracts white women / black men to each other?

All of these topics and more as I’m joined by Jennica, a white woman who loves her chocolate!

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