Special Edition of Zone Coverage

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The Talk 2 Q Radio Show will wrap up the afternoon games at a special day and time! Starting at 7 PM ET / 6 PM CT, we will discuss Week 9 in the NFL!

Tampa Bay (4-3) v. New Orleans (5-3)
NY Jets (4-3) v. Buffalo (5-2)
San Francisco (6-1) v. Washington (3-4)
Seahawks (2-5) v. Cowboys (3-4)
Denver (2-5) v. Oakland (4-3)
NY Giants (5-2) v. New England (5-2)
Green Bay (7-0) v. San Diego (4-3)

There will be a preview of the Sunday and Monday night games as well!
Baltimore (5-2) v. Pittsburgh (6-2)
Chicago (4-3) v. Philadelphia (3-4)
We’ll also get into LSU (8-0) v. Alabama (8-0), the BCS and more!
Straight Zone Coverage on T2Q!


Show #70



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