#T2Q: Life Referee

I was reading one of Falen’s blogs (my usual daily ritual) and she was summarizing an argument on “parents using leashes on their kids”.

Basically some people were coming down on her after misinterpreting her opinion. There will always be someone who will disagree with you on things and I don’t have a problem that. I do, however, have a problem with someone who hears the truth and gets mad about it. I guess the truth really does hurt, huh?

People tell me that I’m an honest guy. Some have even called me “brutally honest” because I won’t normally lie to spare someone’s feelings. If you want to know something about yourself, just ask me. I’ll tell you. It may not be what you want to hear, but it will be my honest opinion.

“Q, does this dress make me look fat?”

“No, your fat makes you look fat.”

Okay, that’s a little harsh, but you get the point. I try not to be mean, but I try not to give a false sense of hope either. I don’t want anyone going out in public looking jacked up because I was too afraid to tell them they looked like Rush Limbaugh in a mini-skirt.

People need to be more honest and I don’t necessarily mean just to other people, but to themselves as well. Being honest with yourself helps you to be unbiased which in turn makes you the perfect friend.

Now, am I 100% unbiased? Shoot, no! Who is? But, I’m about as unbiased as they come. I hate doing anything that is going to label me as a hypocrite, so I do what I can to stay consistent and true.

So, the next time you see me at the mall and your child is on a leash like a seeing-eye kid, then don’t ask my opinion about it. Because Q: Life Referee is on the job! “And I call it like I see it.”



2 thoughts on “#T2Q: Life Referee

  1. that's a very attractive picture, did you find it on the miss america website? i love getting people mad by being honest, but i 100% support child leashes. it was the number one item on my baby registry, but no one bought it for me. sad day.how are moms going to entertain themselves when they have a bratty tantrum-y child? put it on a leash and drag it.

  2. @ Krista – I think I found that photo on the Miss Hooters Pageant site or something. 🙂 "Put it on a leash and drag it?" LOL! Is that why they make them? Maybe I've been wrong on this idea all along. LOL!

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