America’s Most Wanted, Vol. 4

This is a Q Service Announcement! Be on the look out for this individual:

Perpetrator: Cheat On Her, But Faithful To You Guy
Crime: Emotional Assault & Battery

“Girl, he left (insert name here) because he loves me and wants to be with me.”

Wow. You’re a simple chick if you believe that. I hope you’re good-looking because brains are not your strong suit. There isn’t a man in the History of Man-dom who will cheat with you, but will never look to cheat on you. Church!

Some of you ladies don’t know, but men have self-esteem issues, too. More commonly known as an “ego”. Men don’t like to be alone because of the image it portrays to their friends. It’s not uncommon for men to “keep a spare” in case that main tire goes flat.

That main wheel is shiny from Armor All and adorned with chrome rims while that spare sits in the trunk collecting dust. But at some point, the main wheel goes flat and out pops the spare ready to go. Now, the spare doesn’t look as good and it won’t get the same mileage as a the main wheel, but it serves its purpose for temporary satisfaction. Once that satisfaction is met, it’s back in the trunk you go.

Ladies, don’t be a spare thinking you’re a main. You’re kept in the dark (trunk) for a reason. If you know that a man is involved with someone, but he wants to spend time with you before breaking up with her, then you’re setting yourself up. He will eventually do you the same way.

You’re just another tire getting rotated.

This has been a QSA. You many now go back to your regular scheduled internet sites.



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