White Women Who Love Black Men

This will be an emotional and touchy subject to discuss. There are some white women who have a preference for black men. There are some black women who are literally offended by the notion that a white woman is moving in on “her man.”

Do white women care what black women think?

Are black men obligated to black women?

What attracts white women / black men to each other?

All of these topics and more as I’m joined by Jennica, a white woman who loves her chocolate!

Straight jungle fever chat on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!




9 thoughts on “White Women Who Love Black Men

  1. I hate to sound like such a rag, but ANY woman who openly proclaims preference for only ONE race of man pigeonholes herself into a specific stereotype – and subsequently DESERVES whatever eye rolls come WITH that stereotype. If you're stupid enough to limit yourself to one race of person – and not make your judgment based on the actual PERSON (regardless of their race), then you're just a fucking idiot and I have no use for you. I know we all have individual preferences for what we find attractive, but to just all out say, "Oh, I only like black men" or "I only date white guys" is pretty narrow-minded. And vice versa (as far as men saying the same types of things). What about us poor "mixed" children?! (bahahahahaha!!)

  2. LOL @ Reck! Yeah, a lot of times these things are done for the wrong reasons. I'm always curious to what makes a person go outside of their race because it's not always because of love.

  3. you know back when white men were perceived as the best catch for a relationship. Nobody complained. Today in 2012, black men have become the favorite mate choice for white women, and all the racist find ways to deride and undermine their love..

  4. I am a Black male who dates all women. I do not consider it out of my race. I am first human and a descendent of Noah (The guy with the arch), as we all are. We are all just plain members of the human race.

  5. @ Anonymous – We all bleed red when we're cut, so the only race should be the human race. I'm with you. I have no problems with interracial dating as long if it's not because one person thinks that another race is superior is some sort of way. As for the "arch," I noticed it, but passed on commenting. 🙂

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