Don’t Get Mad At Me!

It’s a girl!  No.  Wait.

Oh, no you don’t! You have the audacity to get mad at me? Don’t you know that I’m a life referee and I call it like I see it?

I understand I’m now in the “old school” demographic. I get that now that I’m in my late 30’s, that things that make sense to 20-somethings are just plain dumb to me. Because of the generation gap disconnect, I tend to ignore or accept some (and I stress “some”) things that I do not understand.

What I will absolutely, positively not apologize for is the following:

If you child has long hair and I mistake him for a her, then it’s your fault, not mine.

Look, I know that the current trends for men’s hair are getting longer. I’m seeing guys with braids (not dreadlocks, there’s a difference) and pony tails all over the place now. That’s their business. It’s your hair, you can do what you want (if you’re grown).

But, when it comes to little boys, I can’t stand the sight of it. It’s not cute (to me). It makes them look like little girls. And if I see you and your kid at the mall and I say, “that’s a cute little girl,” then I don’t want to see an ounce of of hint that I’ve some how insulted you or the boy. You can tactfully correct me and we can move on from there, but if one snarky remark comes from your parted lips, then I’ll be completely honest with you and tell you that “he looks like a girl.”

Oh, I’m talking white boys, too.

Don’t expect an apology because you chose to make your boy look feminine. And don’t say the boy wanted his hair like that because boys can’t make grown up decisions. That’s why they’re called children and not adults! They probably want a beer, too, but only a dummy would give them one.

And we wonder why these “boys” are growing up soft. Well, I don’t wonder. I know why they’re soft. They’re conditioned to be pretty at such a young age. A society of metrosexuals so to speak. If a boy spends one minute of his childhood getting his hair done then then the odds are stacked against him being a man.

I thought Bow Wow was a girl until his 2nd album.

I’m just saying. Don’t like it? Comment below and convince me otherwise.



One thought on “Don’t Get Mad At Me!

  1. I so agree with you, great point. And then if the child grows up and he is homosexual, the parent cannot understand why. They do not realize they are indirectly, and sometimes directly responsible for it.Great post, take care.Colin.

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