For Kids or Parents?

Those of you who have followed for a few months know that I’m old school. I try to be open-minded on some things, but for the most part, I start with my roots and go from there.

Look! Homey the Clown is coming!

I have a few problems with kids and their birthdays:

Uno) Having a party at a very young age. If your kid isn’t old enough to hold a fork to eat his / her cake, then why have a party?

Dos) Having a party every single year. Is inviting friends and family over to celebrate really a way to to get your kid free toys and clothing?

Tres) Feeling obligated to attend every birthday party of your child’s daycare because you invited all of them to his / hers.

I’m not saying don’t celebrate your kid’s birthday. My parents had a cake for me every year along with gifts. But, I didn’t have a party every year. I had parties at ages 6, 10, and 12. The reason I remember the ages is because they meant something to me. It meant something to me because my life wasn’t saturated with attending birthday parties every freakin’ year.

Now that I think about it, age 12 is the last time I had a party. Okay, maybe I’m not the best example to follow since I don’t make a big deal out of my birthday.

I don’t need an annual reminder to celebrate life because I do it daily.

(If any of you see that in a book of quotes, please notify me so that I may sue them)

It’s all about me on MY day, baby!

But, the point I’m trying to make is do you want your kid to grow up to be this ———————————————————–>

Let’s be honest. The first three or four annual parties that you have for the little one is not about him / her. It’s about you, the parent. You want to share the celebration with others that you’re baby is a year older. I understand it, but say it. Stop feeding me excuses about how your kid will appreciate it when they’re older. They won’t even remember it. They’re too young. I have a photo of my brother holding me when I was one. Cute photo, but based on my memories, I didn’t know I was in the world until age 3.

You may think that what you’re doing is noble, but you’re putting pressure on your family, friends, and other parents from the daycare who spend every other weekend at someone’s house bringing gifts to a child they hardly even know. (Memo to parents: don’t feel obligated to buy a gift and attend a kid’s party based solely on the fact that it’s your child’s classmate).

When you celebrate every single one, then over time, the spotlight will shift from the parent to the child. In the end, you’ll wind up with some 29-year old pestering you to celebrate their party with them at Applebee’s. SN: if you want to celebrate milestone ages like 16, 18, 21, 25, 30, etc. then I can understand that. But, if you’re trying to rent the club for an odd number birthday like your 29th, then you’re an egomaniac and a loser. Sorry. I’m a Life Ref.

Should a child have a birthday party every year? If so, should it start with Year One?

Who is this party REALLY for?


4 thoughts on “For Kids or Parents?

  1. I remember seeing the Real Housewives chick (Beverly Hills) gave her 4 yr old a party that costed $60,000. It was pretty frickin stupid to see all of the excess and the kid could careless. Now the Real Housewife is broke, husband hung himself and she has no more money. Sad situation.

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