#T2Q Does the NFL Draft

Before you dial into T2Q tonight, the Draft starts on The Green Chimp Show! Derrick, from TGCS, me and the Talk 2 Q Radio Show and J.R. on The Bossman Show are collaborating on Draft Night for more than four hours of NFL Draft entertainment!

At 8 PM EDT / 7 PM CDT, call into The Green Chimp Show at (678) 744-4271 (and / or join the chat room) for the first two hours of the Draft!

At 10 PM EDT / 9 PM CDT, call into the Talk 2 Q Radio Show at (347) 202-0215 (and / or join the chat room) for another two hours of Draft talk!

At 12 AM EDT / 11 PM CDT, call into The Bossman Show at (347) 884-8528 (and / or join the chat room) to review the 1st Round selections in the Draft!

Over four hours of NFL Draft talk to get you hyped for the rest of Draft Weekend!


Zone Coverage of the NFL Draft


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Oh, how we hate lockouts! Not this season! The NFL season never ends on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! Tonight, we’ll preview the NFL Draft with a mock draft of sorts on the show!

I’ll ask my callers to give their perspective on who they think their team will pick during the 2012 NFL Draft.

Here are the team representatives:

Ray – Oakland Raiders
Buck – Pittsburgh Steelers
M&M – Philadelphia Eagles
Duston – San Francisco 49ers
Heather – Dallas Cowboys
(others to be announced)

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Knowledge is Power feat. @CherryLetters & @MyTruespeech

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Mylauney Billups and TrueSpeech join the show to give us a double dose of insight on self-improvement! Everyone should look forward to getting the wisdom that will be on display on this occassion when two of the World Wide Web’s greatest minds come together on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

We’ll discuss the recent Detroit high school student protest, women confronting other women over their cheating man, promoting community awareness and more!

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Border Wars w/@RAR_g & @GRocc

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Immigration has been a hot topic for a while now, but it appears to have reached a boiling point. Conservatives are really cranking up the heat on the border in an attempt to prevent illegal citizenship.

Deportation has been suggested even in the form of raids. What is the best suggestion to make everyone happy?

Joining me on the show will be a favorite Twitter follower of mine, Rosanna! Arriving to the U.S. at the age of 8 from Venezuela, she’ll have plenty to share on the topic of immigration. Also joining the mix will be Giovanni, a Chilean who came to the states at age 9.

We’ll discuss that and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!


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Howard Morgan and More

Howard Morgan

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I will get into current event topics with my callers and discuss a variety of topics;

Howard Morgan was shot 28x by cops and survives, but faces up to 80 yrs in prison? Huh?

Pastor puts stripper pole in pulpit. Wait. What?

Mary J singing about chicken at a fast food restaurant. Stereotype?

Is it a bad idea to have sex with an ex?

All of these random topics and more on #T2Q!

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Stripper poles and bedroom toys in the pulpit?

Nip & Tuck


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Like last year’s show stressed, America has an image problem. We redefine beauty almost daily. There’s an ever-evolving event of what’s hot and what’s not.

But, when is enough, enough? When is something going too far? Asian eyelid surgery? Butt implants?

We’ll discuss image and self-esteem on #T2Q!

Show #111

Your Business Plan to Getting Women (@MsManhood)

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Ever wonder what she’s thinking? It might help your dating game to know a woman’s point of view, to climb into her head and use what’s there as part of your strategy.

Six Months of Manhood offers solutions to the following:

• Qualities women crave in men
• Approaches that work
• Increase your confidence in/out of bed
• How to date—and get what you want
• Why women lose interest

All of this and more as Ms. Manhood makes another appearance on #T2Q to discuss her new book!


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