Stop Him from Cheating

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I’m sure a lot of women would love to know how they can stop a man from cheating. Well, me and the fellas are going to give you some tips on some simple things a woman can do to keep her man’s focus at home. Of course there’s no foolproof way of doing it. Some men just like to cheat and will until they decide that they want to change. However, for the ladies who want a happy relationship, there are some things that may help keep him happy.

Some things may sound basic, but if Steve Harvey can make millions off of his book for writing the “ABC’s” of understanding men, then I’m going to do my thing as well! If a woman can’t learn anything from this show, then she just can’t learn.

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Show #126


Hungry for Knowledge

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Mylauney and TrueSpeech return to bring the knowledge to #T2Q! They were here a month ago and are now back to get back into the discussion on how we can restore children’s hunger for knowledge. The U.S. is more focused on being entertained than learning these days, especially in the inner city where life tends to be more challenging.

How have things changed over the years to cause this?
Do HBCU’s take away the “edge” that black students once had?
Are parents steering their kids more towards athletics and the arts more than books?
What is the responibility of the people who make it in regards to giving back to their communities?

All of these things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!
Show #125

Legalize Prostitution?

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M&M has been hinting at this for weeks, so it’s time to give him the stage. Prostitution has been around since cockroaches. Is it time to retire the pimp and allow these ladies to be employed by a CEO instead?

We’ll discuss if the oldest profession should be legalized in the U.S. and how it could change society.

-Would it eliminate gold diggers?
-Would it be okay for politicians to “pay to play?”
-Would it put strip / night clubs out of business?

All of this and more on #T2Q!

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Ripped from the Headlines!

We’ll dive into some more current event topics on this week’s #T2Q!

Should Whitney Houston’s family do the reality show thing now… at all?

Do women think a man validates them?

Was an Ohio deputy wrong for making inmates dance for privileges?

Gay student uses stun gun to fight off bullies?  Was he wrong or did they have it coming?

All of these things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  You can join the chat room here or call the number below to listen live/participate!

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Listen 2 Q

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Instead of calling in to Talk 2 Q, you now get an opportunity to Listen 2 Q!  I will be a guest on “Cocktails & Conversations” on Saturday, May 19th, at 8 AM EDT / 7 AM CDT!
Join me, TrueSpeech, JR the Bossman and the Divas as we sit down and chat “love and relationships” from a male’s perspective.  On this show we’ll talk about finding love, dating and those things women do that just drive men insane! 
The call-in number for the show is: (661) 449-9947 to listen live or stream the show here!

Fair Or Foul?

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We’ll go through current event topics this evening with the callers. There are a number of things we’ll get into and try to figure out if they’re fair or foul. Such as:

If your friend shows interest in someone, is that person is off-limits?

Is it okay to go clubbing when you’re pregnant?  

Can you publicly humiliate your kids for anything?
Breast feeding a 3-yr old on the cover of a mag?
These things and other current event topics on #T2Q!  

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 Show #122


Do What @iChiaraSays!

Air date: Tuesday, May 15th, @ 10 PM EDT / 7 PM PDT

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Author and Indie Chicks founder, Chiara Mazzucco, makes her debut on #T2Q to discuss things that women should know! Chiara’s book, “The 9 Mirages of Love: How to Stop Chasing What Doesn’t Exist,” gives insight on how to face the truth and turn your dating life around.  I’ll discuss the following topics with Chiara:

  • Does emotional cheating count as cheating?
  • What are the signs for a woman that she’s getting dumped?
  • Reasons men are cheating on their girlfriends?
  • How to love yourself and more!
Chiara advises the ladies on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!


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