Post-Racial Society? ft. @TheTsaritsa

Air date: May 9th @ 10 PM EDT / 7 PM PDT – Call (347) 202-0215 to join! No Flash device? Click here to stream the show!

One of the biggest lies told was that Obama’s election meant the end of racism. After all, if the president is black, then the country can’t be racist, can it? But aside from blatant racism, what about “undercover racism?” You know, the people who appear “down,” but they are really making fun of you on the sly?

Tonight on #T2Q, we’ll discuss the following:
  • Is Hollywood racist?
  • Can a guy with a “minority friend” be racist?
  • Is portraying yourself in a stereotypical way racist?
  • Is it time to bury the Confederate flag?
All of these things and more as The Tsaritsa joins the Talk 2 Q Radio Show once again!  

5 thoughts on “Post-Racial Society? ft. @TheTsaritsa

  1. I just someone would define what “racist” actually is. If it is being a supremacist, then almost everyone is not a racist. If it is being prejudiced, then everyone over a year old in the world is a racist.

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