Fair Or Foul?


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We’ll go through current event topics this evening with the callers. There are a number of things we’ll get into and try to figure out if they’re fair or foul. Such as:

If your friend shows interest in someone, is that person is off-limits?

Is it okay to go clubbing when you’re pregnant?  

Can you publicly humiliate your kids for anything?
Breast feeding a 3-yr old on the cover of a mag?
These things and other current event topics on #T2Q!  

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 Show #122



4 thoughts on “Fair Or Foul?

  1. Mate? Maybe maybe not depends on the situationWell you can have a one-night stand and not get knocked up, but that may be how you got that way in the first placeNot just ANYTHING, but there is a wide variety of available options!No! If they can bite the tittie they don't get to suck the tittie! As for the pic I have stopped my children from social media until 18! Maybe they will have the smarts of all the pitfalls by then!

  2. That's a good question, ICOD. There's a balance involved in raising children and some parents can't seem to stay in the middle. Some of them seem to fall to one extreme whether it's too strict to not strict enough.

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