The Business Side of Sports

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Zone Coverage Sports is back! We’ll discuss some of the business involved in sports:

Has ESPN changed from journalism to shock TV? 
Why do they have so many analysts in the studio?
Is free agency good for sports?
How do you feel about bandwagon fans?

We’ll also wrap up the NBA Finals, a follow-up of new info on the Chris Bosh/Baby Mama debacle and Karl Malone saying that he’d choose Scottie Pippen over Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson to start a team and any other sports topics that come up!

Show #131


2 thoughts on “The Business Side of Sports

  1. Your testosterone is showing. My estrogen prevents me from having knowledge of or caring about anything sport related, but my oldest can tell you stats of soccer team worldwide. She records games and watches them for fun? I have no clue how she looks and acts like me the rest of the time. She can't possibly be my kid. She hates to sew! WTF!

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