@Sean_Malcolm & @KingMagazine NEED @SayNatay #Naté4KING

How could anyone say “no” to this?

I need everyone to RT this page and make a dream come true!

T2Q is always thankful of the support that it receives. It may be in the form of a comment on the page, following me on Twitter, a visit to the chat room to hear the show, a phone call to actually discuss the topic on the air or being a guest.

Because of the love these people show to me, I absolutely feel obligated to show that same love back to them.

We have to support our own! So many of us will go on Facebook and Like Drake or Nike, yet when someone in your own neighborhood is up-and-coming, you won’t even give them a “thumbs up” as well.

Drake doesn’t know you. Nike won’t lower prices for you. I’m not saying that they’re not worthy of support, but don’t ignore the people who will actually thank you personally for what you do.

Naté has been a guest on my show twice. She has the personality, the drive and definitely the body to grace the cover of any magazine. I’m calling on everyone in the T2Q family to make it happen!  Retweet like you’re a stuttering baby bird and make a dream a reality.


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