PED’s & Recruiting

Call (347) 202-0215 to voice your opinion or speak your mind in the chat room here! Performance enhancing drugs… do you care if they’re a part of sports or not? Maybe you care, but only when it comes to certain sports (track & field, baseball, etc.). We’ll discuss if there’s a general consensus on if people care one way or another about PED’s.

Should the way colleges are recruiting high school kids to sign be outlawed? These kids are treated like royalty as the colleges lure them in to take advantage of their physical abilities. They use pretty girls to show them around campus and recognizable alumni. Should kids be allowed to choose without being pursued? What rights should the recruits have when it comes to making a choice? Should they be allowed to leave the school if the coach leaves?

Is NASCAR, Horse Racing, Golf, etc. really a sport? What classifies a sport and which sport requires the most athleticism?

All of these topics and more as Zone Coverage returns to T2Q!

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5 thoughts on “PED’s & Recruiting

  1. I actually pulled my daughter out of sports because of the problems with the way high school coaches don't pay attention. She got hurt by her team mates, and the coaches were oblivious. After a broken wrist and an almost broken ankle in 6 months I was done. She is beautiful and intelligent and I know she loves playing soccer, but her mind will get her farther than kicking a ball. She has had more success with her vocal abilities as well. What ever happened to competing on your own merits? I am tired of the drugs!

  2. Sports are such a business now. Coaches are only interested in keeping their jobs. There is so much pressure on them to win or get fired, that they ignore the best interest of the kids.

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