How @BlogTalkRadio Screwed Me Out of Show #150

Chat Transcript

The Talk 2 Q Radio Show celebrates was supposed to celebrate its 150th show tonight. However, that wasn’t the case. After weeks of preparation and securing multiple guests for a big show, it didn’t happen.

Why? BlogTalkRadio happened.

Now, I understand that things happen. Things go wrong. But, it’s how you handle things going wrong that defines you as a company. BTR dropped the ball this time.

When my show started was supposed to start, there was no theme music played and the show timer didn’t indicate that I was on the air. The timer is usually a few seconds off, but this time, it was an entire minute off. The countdown to show time occurred a minute before the show actually was supposed to start.

After I realized that nothing was happening, I started texting guests only to find out that they were either getting a fast busy signal or dead air. I launched the “Help” chat and got an agent named Cynthia Alisia.

She told me that the lines were down and needed to be reset. This was at 9:06 PM CDT. After four messages from me, she responded at 9:15 PM CDT without an answer to my questions.

Nine minutes it took her to respond to an “instant” message!!!
After I sent a message at 917 PM CDT, again at 921 PM CDT and finally at 929 PM CDT, I gave up. I never heard from Cynthia again. Show #150 was canceled. All of the work. All of the preparation. All of the guests, many who may never return to my show. The whole night was ruined.

Now, I’m a reasonable guy. I understand that things go wrong. But, if you don’t have the employees to soften the blow, then you deserve to have a blog post written about you and retweeted to thousands of people.

Show #150> canceled


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