Gold Diggers & Dogs w/@CocktailsnConvo

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Do women get a bad rap from the fellas simply because they like nice things? Do guys use the term “gold digger” as a way to handcuff women from wanting something expensive?

On the flipside, are guys unfairly labeled as “dogs” as a way to encourage them not to expect sex? Do women accuse guys of being “after the panties” as a way to shame them from asking for them?

We’ll discuss that and other topics like:

How much should a man pay for a 1st date?
Do women sometimes fear being looked upon as weak when they cater to their man?
What would you do if your significant other knowingly had sex with you while infected with an STD?

All of these things and more on T2Q as the Cocktails & Conversations Divas join us once again!

“Some things just need to be said.”

Twitter: @CocktailsNConvo

Show #152

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The C&C Divas, Robin and Erika, return to the show!


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