NFL Week 2 Review: Cardinals Mean Business!

Air date: Tue., Sept. 18th, @ 10 PM EDT / 7 PM PDT

Call-In #: (347) 202-0215

Stream live from chat room here.

The wait is over as Week 2 is in the books.

On this show, the Show Legends and I will break down Week 2 for our teams and other major match-ups from the weekend.

Ray (Raiders) and I (Cowboys) will try to explain what happened to our teams.

We’ll discuss the big wins that M&M’s team (Eagles), Buck’s team (Steelers) and Duston’s team (49ers) pulled out.

We’ll talk about the replacement referees, Jonathan Vilma’s dilemma and a little boxing as well!

All of this, Week 3 match-ups and more as we break down the NFL, Zone Coverage style (sideline-to-sideline)!

Show #158>

The Arizona Cardinals are 2-0????


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