Rebel Flags & Journalism

Air date: Wed., Dec. 12th, @ 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST

Call-in #: (347) 202-0215
Stream from the chat room here.

A crazy combo, eh? Tonight, on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show, the callers and I discuss a number of topics:

Civil War reenactments: stupid or historically important? They go on across the country and to a lot of people, they represent the rich history of the desendants of the South. But, are reenactments important? If so, what would you reenact if you could rereate any moment in history?

What happened to journalism? I’ve seen so many grammatical errors in newspaper and incompetence in news reporting. What happened to the profession that most people took seriously at one time?

We’ll also discuss some people in Africa who are doing it big, black businesses and their customer service plus much, much more on T2Q!

“Some things just need to be said.”

Show #176>


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