Prom Night = Lost Virginity?

Prom night can lead to a lot of “grown up” activities.

Tuesday, April 2nd @ 10 PM EDT
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There are many “milestone moments” in a kid’s life and the high school prom is one of them. For many, it’s a new beginning into what kids think is the “adult world.”

These “milestone moments” include first time participants in sex, drugs and alcohol for a lot of them.  A child can grow up really fast on this particular night and wind up in jail for a DUI or conceiving a child.

Tonight, we’ll discuss these moments and how parents can approach their children to discuss responsibility.  Because there’s no way to really shield your child from these acts, so education may be the best remedy.

Also on the show, we’ll talk about the definition of masculinity and how it’s changed over the past generation, under aged tanning and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

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@EvaSaidIt & @CocktailsnConvo Tell You "How To Use Men"

Sunday, Mar. 31st @ 10 PM EDT
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Okay, maybe the title “How to Use Men” is a bit misleading. I’m not referring to using them for money, sex or anything like that. I’m talking about ladies using men as a resource to understanding other men.

Some ladies don’t take advantage of the friendship that they have with men. They have opportunities to learn more about how men think, yet they don’t seem to always pay attention. Tonight, we’ll discuss some things that the ladies can learn from their male buddies!

I’ll have the Cocktails & Conversation Divas, Erika and Robin, along with Eva from to help break things down for the listeners!

We’ll also discuss the following:

  • Rap beefs and how they affect rappers money more than they know it.
  • Republicans’ $10 million dollar outreach towards minority plan.
  • Male strippers treatment of women

Also, check me out on the Cocktails & Conversation show every Wednesday night @ 9 PM EDT for the “Wednesday Wind Down – Nightcap Edition!”  Every week, I join the C&C Divas along with Derrick J. and Eva  to discuss current event topics!

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Talk 2 @CherieJohnson75

Air date: Tue., Mar. 26th @ 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST

Tuesday, March 26th @ 10 PM EDT 
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Tonight, I’m joined by child star turned all-around talent, Cherie Johnson!  After Cherie’s first major role, at the age of 6, as “Cherie” on “Punky Brewster,” the sky appeared to be the limit.  She later played teen heartthrob, “Maxine,” on “Family Matters,” which is the 3rd longest-running black sitcom in U.S. history.

However, unlike some child stars from the 80’s, Cherie went on to do more after “Family Matters” ultimately ended.  She still acts, but she now also produces movies and has written three books.

Check her out at her website at and follow her on Twitter @CherieJohnson75!

I’ll  ask her about her life as a child star and how she continued her success throughout her adult life.

Also, we’ll get into a few current event topics including the beef between the ladies of R&B and Beyonce.  As most of you know, Beyonce’s new song, “Bow Down” is rubbing some of her peers the wrong way.  They’re taking the song as an insult.  Keyshia Cole, who is no stranger to speaking her mind, was quoted on Twitter about the song saying, “First Women need to stick together now [b*tches] better Bow. Smh.”

Is Keyshia just running off at the mouth again or does she have a point?  Is Queen Bey flexing her muscles now that she’s on top of her game more than ever?

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

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Cherie on “Punky Brewster”
Maxine on “Family Matters”
Cherie Johnson

Should Women Like Sports? feat. @TVE_MsVixin

Air date: Sun., Mar. 24th @ 10 PM EDT / 7 PM PDT

Sun., Mar. 24th @ 10 PM EDT
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Ms. Vixin is back in the mix as she rejoins T2Q!  

There are a lot of women these days who are into sports, but let’s be honest: it’s nowhere near the number of men who are down with it.

Now, I absolutely love sports. If there’s a ball, people being chased or something being timed, then I’m probably going to watch it. But, not all women are down with sporting events.

Sure, some love football, some love basketball, some love hockey, but is it beneficial to a woman to love all sports?

Will it help her land that elusive man she’s always wanted?

We’ll also ask the question: does an act or statement have to be intentional for it to be considered racist or not?

Also being discussed will be a lady who had an epic NFL tryout fail, Michael Vick’s cancelled book tour and more on the Talk 2 Q Rado Show!

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Can Flirting Ever Be Harmless? feat. @S_Nayobe

Air date: Tue., Mar. 19th @ 10 PM EDT / 7 PM PDT

Tuesday, March 19th @ 10 PM EDT
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On tonight’s show, we’ll discuss the art of flirting. Yes, there is an art to it. However, can flirting ever be harmless? I had a recent Twitter discussion with a young lady named Somalia. You may know her in the Twitterverse as @S_Nayobe. She said that guys flirt with no intent or care whatsoever. It made me wonder if guys flirt without even realizing it or not. The defintion of flirting is one of the things we’ll try to get ironed out on tonight’s show along with other related topics.

Also on the show, pregnant shaming. In NYC, posters are being plastered across the area of babies crying with captions made out to the single mom/dad raising them. Things like: “I’m twice as likely not to graduate because you had me as a teen” or “Honestly Mom… chances are he won’t stay with you.”

Is shaming someone an effective prevention tactic?

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

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Miss Independent with @JeseniaComedian & @RuizaJenni

Air date: Sun., Mar. 17th @ 10 PM EDT / 7 PM PDT

Sun., Mar. 17th @ 10 PM EDT
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Actresses, Jesenia Bailey and Jenni Ruiza rejoin the Talk 2 Q Radio Show as I continue Women’s History Month!  They will take time away from working on the YouTube hit, “Becoming Ricardo” to spend a little time with me on the show to discuss a variety of topics.

Can a woman be too independent? Can she be so used to doing things on her own that she actually drives away good men?  

We’ll discuss that and the following topics in regards to women:

How do you know if you’re really on a date or just hanging out with a guy?  The lack of communication between the sexes is the root of a majority of relationship problems.  We’ll discuss how you can tell the difference between “hanging out” and “dating.”

Is permanent impotency grounds for a divorce?  If a man physically cannot perform sexually, then does that give his significant other the right to get out of the marriage?  Or does that fall under the “sickness and health” clause?

All of these things and more on T2Q!

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Prenatal Receipts

Air date: Tue., Mar. 12th @ 10 PM EDT / 7 PM PST

Tuesday, March 12th @ 10 PM EDT 
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Tonight, we’ll discuss guys who try to “create a legacy.” Military men are most famous for getting their wives/girlfriends pregnant before deployment as some sort of motivation to come home. Or, they do so to make sure she has a hard time finding another suitor while he’s overseas.  Athletes seem to not mind leaving their seed in different cities.  Is there a complex there that makes them seek baby mamas across the country?

On the flip side, we’ll discuss just what makes some women seek a little “insurance” on their relationships. By “insurance,” I mean a child. What makes a woman get pregnant against a man’s will in order to keep him?

Having kids to establish ownership over someone is viewed by these people as the equivalent to getting a receipt for a purchase.

Also, we’ll discuss something that I saw on Miss Mylauney Billups’ YouTube site: When should you stop using condoms (in a relationship)?  See her take on the situation here.

These things and other current event topics on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

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