Prenatal Receipts

Air date: Tue., Mar. 12th @ 10 PM EDT / 7 PM PST

Tuesday, March 12th @ 10 PM EDT 
Call-In #: (347) 202-0215  
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Tonight, we’ll discuss guys who try to “create a legacy.” Military men are most famous for getting their wives/girlfriends pregnant before deployment as some sort of motivation to come home. Or, they do so to make sure she has a hard time finding another suitor while he’s overseas.  Athletes seem to not mind leaving their seed in different cities.  Is there a complex there that makes them seek baby mamas across the country?

On the flip side, we’ll discuss just what makes some women seek a little “insurance” on their relationships. By “insurance,” I mean a child. What makes a woman get pregnant against a man’s will in order to keep him?

Having kids to establish ownership over someone is viewed by these people as the equivalent to getting a receipt for a purchase.

Also, we’ll discuss something that I saw on Miss Mylauney Billups’ YouTube site: When should you stop using condoms (in a relationship)?  See her take on the situation here.

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