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Air date: Tue., Mar. 26th @ 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST

Tuesday, March 26th @ 10 PM EDT 
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Tonight, I’m joined by child star turned all-around talent, Cherie Johnson!  After Cherie’s first major role, at the age of 6, as “Cherie” on “Punky Brewster,” the sky appeared to be the limit.  She later played teen heartthrob, “Maxine,” on “Family Matters,” which is the 3rd longest-running black sitcom in U.S. history.

However, unlike some child stars from the 80’s, Cherie went on to do more after “Family Matters” ultimately ended.  She still acts, but she now also produces movies and has written three books.

Check her out at her website at and follow her on Twitter @CherieJohnson75!

I’ll  ask her about her life as a child star and how she continued her success throughout her adult life.

Also, we’ll get into a few current event topics including the beef between the ladies of R&B and Beyonce.  As most of you know, Beyonce’s new song, “Bow Down” is rubbing some of her peers the wrong way.  They’re taking the song as an insult.  Keyshia Cole, who is no stranger to speaking her mind, was quoted on Twitter about the song saying, “First Women need to stick together now [b*tches] better Bow. Smh.”

Is Keyshia just running off at the mouth again or does she have a point?  Is Queen Bey flexing her muscles now that she’s on top of her game more than ever?

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

“No experts.  Just opinions.”

Cherie on “Punky Brewster”
Maxine on “Family Matters”
Cherie Johnson

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