@EvaSaidIt & @CocktailsnConvo Tell You "How To Use Men"

Sunday, Mar. 31st @ 10 PM EDT
Call-In #: (347) 202-0215
Stream the show from here!

Okay, maybe the title “How to Use Men” is a bit misleading. I’m not referring to using them for money, sex or anything like that. I’m talking about ladies using men as a resource to understanding other men.

Some ladies don’t take advantage of the friendship that they have with men. They have opportunities to learn more about how men think, yet they don’t seem to always pay attention. Tonight, we’ll discuss some things that the ladies can learn from their male buddies!

I’ll have the Cocktails & Conversation Divas, Erika and Robin, along with Eva from EvaSaidIt.com to help break things down for the listeners!

We’ll also discuss the following:

  • Rap beefs and how they affect rappers money more than they know it.
  • Republicans’ $10 million dollar outreach towards minority plan.
  • Male strippers treatment of women

Also, check me out on the Cocktails & Conversation show every Wednesday night @ 9 PM EDT for the “Wednesday Wind Down – Nightcap Edition!”  Every week, I join the C&C Divas along with Derrick J. and Eva  to discuss current event topics!

“No experts. Just opinions.”  

Show No. 208

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