My Skin Color is My Crime

Valarie Carey

Sunday, Apr. 14th @ 10 PM EDT
Call-In #: (347) 202-0215
Stream the show from here!

You’ve seen the bumper stickers asking you to support your local police department. However, in some communities, the police aren’t supported at all. Are inner-cities not patrolled by the police because of discrimination or is it because they know that they’re not going to be supported any way?

If the inner-cities embraced their police department more, then would it lead to a healthier relationship thus safer streets? I’ll ask that question and more tonight to our guest. She’s a retired NYC police sergeant, so she definitely has the inside scoop; T2Q welcomes Valarie Carey to the show!

Also on the show: Protecting your credit. A lot of young people have no idea of how their credit can be jacked up to the utmost of jackstvity by what they do.

Tonight, I want to discuss not just the importance of a credit score, but how it can turn badly without the account holder even knowing.

These things and other current event topics on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

“No experts.  Just opinions.”

Show No. 212.


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