Sex-ty 9

Bringing a little sexy spoken word to the show!

Tuesday, May 7th @ 10 PM EDT
Call-In #: (347) 202-0215
Stream the show from here!
(Chat room available during live airing)

Let’s Talk About Sex is back for its 9th installment!

On this next-to-last installment, we’ll discuss nudist resorts. Would you ever attend one if you had the opportunity? Could you prevent “showing” your reaction to what you see if you’re a guy?

We’ll also get into Steve Harvey’s 90-day rule, the downside to bragging on your partner’s sex skills and how many positions are needed in the bedroom on a regular basis?

T2Q welcomes Ms. Onta to give some sexy, spoken word at the beginning of the show!  She is a wordsmith who vividly paints a mental piece of artwork that everyone would love to bring to reality in the bedroom!

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

“No experts. Just opinions.”

Show No. 222

Steve Harvey says, “Not for 90 days!”


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