@RaceyRules Comes to #T2Q!

Season 2 starts 6/19, so get caught up with Episode 1 here!

Tuesday, June 18th @ 8 PM EDT  
Call-In #: (347) 202-0215
Stream the show from here!
(Chat room available during live show)

Join me as I welcome Aasha Davis, Sara Finley, and David Lowe to T2Q!  They are cast members from the popular YouTube series, “The Unwritten Rules!”

“UR” is a show about a young, black woman named “Racey” who struggles to fit into Corporate America. Not being allowed to just simply exist within the workplace and do her job, Racey has to put up with white co-workers who are completely uncomfortable around black people. They question her hair, food items and even her belief in Santa Claus. And to make matters worse, she also has to deal with black co-workers who think she’s somehow abandoned their race to fit into “White World.” Because Racey has a better position in the company than they do, she is treated as if she thinks that she’s better than her black peers.

The show is shot in a style similar to “The Office” and is based on a book called “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule” which was written by Kim Williams. Kim also writes for the “UR” web series and does a great job sifting through a plot in six to eight minutes for each episode. On top of it always being an interesting story, there is plenty of comedy to entertain you in the process. However, what makes the show so addictive on top of the storyline is that the characters are likable. Each one brings something different to the mix that makes the show unique and worth following.

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Show No. 234


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