"Sex X" feat. @DirtyInPublic & @MarriageDr

What do you think about swingers?

Sunday, July 7th @ 10 PM EDT 
Call-In #: (347) 202-0215 
Stream the show from here
(Chat room available during live airing) 

The final installment of the “Let’s Talk About Sex Series” is here! #10 will be one for the ages, I’m sure!

When I think back to previous shows were we discussed “shadowing,” “Leonism,” or “floating,” then I can’t help but laugh. If nothing else, you’ve learned new sexual terminology and their origins.

Another great thing about the series are the cast of characters that have been guests on the show! Ms. Manhood, Lady T, Angie the Maneater, Jewels, Lady Estrogen, Lauryn Doll, The Krazyze1 and SoLynnieLike. This time, I have a whole new cast!

Tonight, we’ll discuss swingers, yoga, sex toy parties, Spanx, and married sex.  To top it off, I’ll be joined by the Marriage Doctor, newcomer, Aaron Anderson and a T2Q favorite, blogger, Marrie Lobel!

All of these things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!
“No experts. Just opinions.” 


Show No. 240

Aaron Anderson and Marrie Lobel

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