"’Til Death? Yeah, Right!" @CourtNichelle Joins #T2Q!

Court Nichelle, makes her 1st appearance!

Tue., Sept. 24th @ 10 PM ET
Call-In #: (347) 202-0215 or use Skype 
Stream the show here!
(Chat room available during live airing)
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We all know that famous line that is given out in most traditional weddings. Yet, very few people realize that it’s what you say / do before the wedding is planned that can increase your chances of “’til death due us part.”

We’ll discuss those things as we break down marriage in the U.S. Joining me for the first time will be Floridian, Court Nichelle.

Also on the show, are celebrity dads getting the preferred treatment when it comes to custody disputes? Is this a good or bad thing?

Should fraternities and sororities be forced to integrate or are groups of one race still acceptable?

Why are people no longer loyal?  Everyone wants to ride the bandwagon and go with who’s hot instead of who’s not.  What does that say about our country’s character?

These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! 
“No experts. Just opinions.”

Show No. 268


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