Go, #T2Q! It’s Your Birthday!

Why am I so happy?

The Talk 2 Q Radio Show turns three years old today!  Although I’m not going on the air to celebrate, I still wanted to at least post something to commemorate the event.

I want to thank everyone who has listened to even a second of the show!  It means so much to know that this show is being heard across the globe.

My goal when I started this radio show was not to be famous, but to be heard.  I wanted an audio outlet that was an extension of my blog.  However, little did I know that the show format would change and the show would shift its focus from me to the callers!

What started as the Thank Q Radio Show, which was all about me, evolved into the Talk 2 Q Radio Show, which is all about you!

I realized that all I needed to do was provide the content for my Show Legends, chat room participants, tweetchat heads and callers and the show would carry itself.

Needless to say, I’m glad that I paid attention to the direction that the show was going and took advantage of the knowledge and entertainment that the callers drop on me weekly!

So, my only request is: you keep calling and I’ll keep giving you something to talk about!

Thanks for another year!  Peace out!

“No experts.  Just opinions.”


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