#T2Q Rewrites The Laws #BirthControl #ChildSupport #MensBirthRights

Will the Hobby Lobby case open the door for others to use religion as a defense?

Sun., Jul. 6th @ 10 PM EDT 

Stream the show here

Yep, this show does exactly that. Hypothetically, of course! Tonight, the Show Legends and I will tackle some controversial laws and rewrite them (to the best of our abilities) to make it fair for everyone.

Of course our opinions probably will not synchronize to a harmonious understanding, but it should be fun and insightful to kick around some ideas. Here are some of the topics we’ll be discussing:

  • Men having more birth rights to their children. 
  • Overhauling the child support laws. 
  • Fixing how the government views birth control for women.. 
These things and more on what may be a controversial Talk 2 Q Radio Show! 
“No experts. Just opinions.” 

Show No.362

Scheduled for 75-90 mins.

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