Q-on-1 w/Kathleen Boucher ( @GoodOutstanding ) #PODCAST

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I interviewed author, Kathleen Boucher to discuss her book, “A Simple Idea to Empower Kids.” It’s a book that teaches pre-teens to believe in themselves.

“A Simple Idea to Empower Kids” is written for kids eight and younger to help them have more confidence and to believe in themselves. It teaches the law of attraction so that even a young child can understand. It is meant to be read to and by kids at home, at school, in Sunday school, to disabled children, in hospitals, in shelters, by missionaries, to the emotionally fatigued and to the very poor.

The illustrations are colorful and the text is up-lifting. The beauty of this book is it is fast to read and yet everyone will feel they have done a wonderful job by doing so. It is unique because it uses the power of love, choice and belief to teach the law of attraction.

All of this on a special podcast edition of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!


Show No. 403

Scheduled for 20 mins.


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