What is Organic and What Isn’t with @BeauTflGorgeous

Wednesday, Apr. 8th @ 10 PM EDT 

Arcadia Dario

Stream the show here!

We all check labels to see what’s in a product. However, are companies 100% honest with us when they label their products? If something is listed as being 100% organic then is it just that? To get more information on that I will interview a guest who is very familiar with the topic. Arcadia Dario will join the show to discuss what products may or may not be organic including food and cosmetics. You definitely want to know what you’re putting in your mouth and on your face.

After the interview, I’ll discuss whatever the trending topic may be with the Show Legends. These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! “No experts. Just opinions.”

Show No. 460

Interview scheduled for 15-20 mins.

Show scheduled for 75-90 mins.

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