Jobs That Suck

Tuesday, May 5th @ 10 PM EDT 

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It’s Cinco de Mayo which means there will be talk of Mexican celebrations throughout the U.S. Although a majority of the people who will be celebrating aren’t Mexicans or even want them in the country, Coronas will still be tilted up. The U.S. loves any excuse to “pop a cold one.”

I’m not planning on discussing Cinco de Mayo, but I do want to discuss the Mexican stereotype of Latinos accepting jobs that blacks and whites no longer want. How can a race of people be blamed for “taking our jobs” that we refuse to do anyway?

Also, this show will take a different approach to jobs people don’t want.  They’re not all manual labor jobs.  What do I mean?  Tune in and see!  You know T2Q is always taking a different approach to every day topics!

Also on the show, we’ll discuss the situation with ESPN talking head, “Britt” McHenry. She downgraded someone for doing their job and received a slap on the wrist for it in my opinion. Maybe you disagree?

All of this and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! 

“No experts. Just opinions.” 

Show No. 472

Scheduled for 75-90 mins.

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