Can Someone Be Guilty By Association?

Wed., Sept. 16th at 10 PM Eastern

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Just because you hang with unsavory characters doesn’t mean that you are one.  Or does it?
Just because you hang with unsavory characters doesn’t mean that you are one.  Or does it?  Do birds of a feather actually flock together?  Can you be guilty by association?

That’s something that people have been taught throughout history.  If you want to avoid being perceived as a certain type of person then avoid hanging around those type of people.  However, I’m not sure how true that is so I’m going to bounce some questions off of my Show Legends tonight to determine if it’s real or not.

  • Does hanging with someone who is promiscuous make you a hoe/dog?
  • Does having a known thief as a friend mean that you’re likely to steal yourself?

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Black-on-Black Crime: Real Deal or Media Creation?

Tuesday, June 2nd @ 10 PM EDT 

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We hear the term “black-on-black crime” quite often on news shows. Like the term “reverse racism,” it appears to be a term insinuates something to be an isolated problem when it’s in fact something all people experience. All races experience a high rate of race-on-race crime, but why do we not hear the terms “white-on-white crime” or “Latino-on-Latino crime”? Why are black people singled out?

  • Is the black-on-black crime rate that much worse than other races? 
  • Does the media perpetuate these violent rages that apparently runs only in black communities? 
  • What should leaders do to address it? 

 All of this, Charlie Charlie, and more onthe Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  “No experts. Just opinons.”

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Should #Voting Be Mandatory in Elections?

Wednesday, Apr. 1st @ 10 PM EDT 

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Recently, President Obama discussed the idea of mandatory voting. What do you think? Should people be forced to get out and exercise the right to do something that people died for 50+ years ago? If so, how do you go about doing it? How do you convince a country full of people who would rather vote for American Idol than someone in Congress?

  • Do you throw them in jail? 
  • Do you fine them? 
  • Do you give them more than just a Tuesday to vote? 

We’ll also talk about the tragic story involving Anthony Stokes.  He was given a second chance at life with a heart transplant, but things we very wrong after his surgery.

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Should Our #Troops Be Home Fighting #Crime?

Mon., Aug 4th @ 10 PM EDT 

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There is a huge crime wave going across the country. Chicago, Jackson, Oakland and the entire state of Florida to name a few. Burglaries, assaults, murders galore. The police force isn’t large enough to stop what’s going on and the government appears to be too corrupt to seriously do anything about the problem either. Aren’t the troops the answer? Why should they walk the neighborhood streets of the Middle East when they could be doing that here in the states? One of the biggest deterrents of crime is police visibility. With a shortage of police across most of the country wouldn’t it work out better if the police worked in conjunction with the military?

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the idea. Also on the show, we’ll have to figure out who will be a part of our future military because reports show that 71% of kids 17 – 24 years old wouldn’t be eligible for the military. They either lack a high school diploma, they’re convicted felons, hooked on ADHD drugs, and more. Who will protect our country in the future if the kids these days are too unqualified?

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Why Do Women Love Investigative Discovery? #First48 #Snapped

Sun., May. 4th @ 10 PM EDT 

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Is it just me or are women addicted to the shows worthy of the Criminal & Investigation Network? I don’t know too many women who don’t spend many nights watching “First 48,” “Snapped” and more. Women are stereotyped for being better cheaters, but are they also better killers?

Does all of the viewing of Investigative Discovery shows give them an advantage when they need to “get rid” of someone?  No guy wants to wind up on “How (Not) to Kill Your Husband”!

We’ll discuss their fascination with the network as well as high profile homicides in general!

Also on the show, we’ll discuss hitchhikers and weight lifters!

Hitchhiking was pretty common before the 80’s, but not so much now.  Is it something that you’ve done or would ever do?

Muscles are generally attractive, but can a person have too many muscles to be attractive?  Would you date a female or male professional body builder?

All of this and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! 

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Show No. 338

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Statutory Rape & Poppin’ Mollies

Sun., Apr. 20th @ 10 PM EDT 

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The age of consent varies from state-to-state, but what is the best age for a boy/girl to consent to sex? Should boys be encouraged to tell when it happens to them rather than embrace it as a badge of honor? What is a fair penalty for someone who sleeps with an underaged person?

Also being discussed on the show will be drug raping.  Guys don’t take pride in getting girls like years past. Now it’s becoming more common to get women by “any means necessary.” Unfortunately, that route is glorified by some musicians who insinuate that it’s okay to “pop a molly” into a lady’s drink to guarantee sex with her that night.

Tonight, we’ll discuss how common it occurs and what women can do to avoid it. Getting “drug raped” is real and can happen to anyone in any city if you’re not careful.

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My Skin Color is My Crime

Valarie Carey

Sunday, Apr. 14th @ 10 PM EDT
Call-In #: (347) 202-0215
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You’ve seen the bumper stickers asking you to support your local police department. However, in some communities, the police aren’t supported at all. Are inner-cities not patrolled by the police because of discrimination or is it because they know that they’re not going to be supported any way?

If the inner-cities embraced their police department more, then would it lead to a healthier relationship thus safer streets? I’ll ask that question and more tonight to our guest. She’s a retired NYC police sergeant, so she definitely has the inside scoop; T2Q welcomes Valarie Carey to the show!

Also on the show: Protecting your credit. A lot of young people have no idea of how their credit can be jacked up to the utmost of jackstvity by what they do.

Tonight, I want to discuss not just the importance of a credit score, but how it can turn badly without the account holder even knowing.

These things and other current event topics on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

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Show No. 212.