How to Get Married (Successfully)!

Don’t you want to know how you can tie the knot?

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Okay, now that I have your attention, a lot of you are thinking to yourself, “Q, how in the world can you help me get married?” Well, I can’t. I can only throw out suggestions and then it’s up to you to incorporate it in your life. Although some of the things people can do may seem basic we all need to return to fundamentals now and then.

Listen as I bounce questions off if my Show Legends and Facebookers to see if how they feel about the suggestions I make that may (or may not) help them get married!

Afterwards, we’ll get into some sports on Zone Coverage all on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! “No experts. Just opinions.”

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Your Mouth Makes You Ugly, Part II

Tue., Sep. 1st at 10 PM ET

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This topic was discussed on July 22nd, but in the middle of the show, something happened. So, we were unable to finish the discussion and I decided to save it for later. Well, later has arrived and it’s time to finish what I started! The second part of “Your Mouth Makes You Ugly” will conclude tonight! 

There’s nothing more irritating than someone who can’t control their mouth. Whether it’s a nasty attitude, taking opportunities to hate on someone, or just plain being disrespectful, it makes you just want blow a gasket. Why is it that some people don’t realize that their mouth makes them ugly?

The things some people say have consequences yet they don’t realize it. Or they realize it and just don’t care. An uncontrolled mouth can cost a person their job, their mate, their friends/family, and a hospital bill if they pop off to the “wrong one.”

Why do we allow ourselves to get emotional to the point of stupidity and regret? Society also promotes having your tongue throw you in jail with reality TV and YouTube videos of mindless confrontations.

Tonight, the Show Legends and I will talk about how the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body. All on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! “No experts. Just opinions.”

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I Cheated to Save Our Marriage!

Tue., Aug. 25th at 10 PM ET
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You’ve been married for 8 years.  You have a 6 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.  You would do anything to protect your wife and kids.  However, your wife hasn’t been the same since she had your son.  The intimacy is gone and the sex is not passionate.  You’ve talked to her, but to no avail.  She appears to have lost her drive for sex.
You’re forced to make a decision: do I stay in a passion-less marriage or do I divorce my wife and essentially walk away from my kids?
What if I told you that there’s a 3rd option?  Well, according to a FB friend of mine, cheating saved his marriage. He decided to get his sex outside of the home and that satisfied him enough to where he didn’t divorce his wife and leave the kids.
He claims that cheating saved his marriage.  Had he not gotten sex somewhere else then he would have divorce his wife.  Can cheating save marriages?  
The Show Legends and I will discuss it on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  “No experts.  Just opinions.”
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Now Ladies Have The #Power

Tues., July 7th @ 10 PM EDT

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(Way) Back in the day, let’s say the early 60’s, guys could call the shots. Guys were the bread winners so that afforded them some luxuries when it came to mate selection. A lot of guys had the ability to choose exactly what they wanted in a mate because at the time women were looking for security. They wanted a man who could pay the bills and be a provider.

Fast forward to 2015 and the roles have completely changed. Guys are no longer sole providers of households. In fact, guys are rarely providers of households in a lot of communities across the country. Ladies have gotten educated and have started making money and support themselves. The result: now they are the ones making the mate selection.

Gone are the days when a woman only cared about security. Now that she has her own, she can do what the guys once did exclusively: she can pick and choose as she pleases. How does this affect dating in modern day society? With guys looking for security and women looking for eye candy, can the role reversal be effective?

We’ll discuss that and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! “No experts. Just opinions.”

Click here to read my blog post on this topic…

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How to Get Married #Wedding #Etiquette

Monday, June 8th @ 10 PM EDT!

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It’s that time of the year again! Summer is upon us and that means weddings galore. There are so many different ways to have a wedding. Gone are the days of tradition with the simple church wedding with family and close friends. Now we have theme weddings and we will invite anyone from coworkers to Facebook friends.

However, when does it cross the line of being too much? What are some of the responsibilities of the bride towards the audience? After all, it’s her day, right? Should she be able to do what she wants? What is the audience’s responsibilities towards to the bride? Are they obligated to do or not do certain things because she was nice enough to invite them?

I’ll bounce these questions and more off of my Show Legends on tonight’s show. The Talk 2 Q Radio Show! “No experts. Just opinions.”

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Sex XVI: 7 Ways to Improve Your #Sex Life w/ @DirtyinPublic

Tuesday, May. 12th @ 10 PM EDT 

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A lot of us go through life stuck in our own little bubble. We don’t consider a lot of what goes on around us yet we still seem puzzled at why life is so hard for us. Well, I’m going to help you in one area that is important in relationships, especially marriages. I’m going to help you improve your life in the bedroom.

I have a list of 7 things that you can do that will improve your sex life. Will they make you better in bed? No. Will they make you longer or stronger? Absolutely not. But they will give you more opportunities for the horizontal mambo if you incorporate as many of these as you can in your life. 

And you know that I can’t have a show about sex without Show Legend, Marrie Lobel, stopping by! 

Let’s Talk About Sex returns for Part XVI on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! “No experts. Just opinions.” 

Show No. 475

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"How Do I Expect Him To Love Me When I Don’t Love Myself?" with @LifeWithRissa


Tuesday, Mar. 31st @ 10 PM EDT 

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Tonight I welcome author, Larissa Hudson, to discuss her book, “How Do I Expect Him To Love Me When I Don’t Love Myself?” Her book explains two simple, but overlooked principles of life that gives guidance to young ladies and women who desire to get married. In this book, Larissa shares her personal struggles in marriage with low self-esteem and how important it is to love yourself.

I’ll ask her about the book, which is only 99 cents on Amazon right now. We’ll discuss the following:

  • The importance of being alone. 
  • How to love yourself. 

After the interview with Larissa, the Show Legends and I will celebrate Women’s History Month.  Well, we will not just discuss and celebrate Women’s History Month, but we’ll discuss Women’s Future and where they are going.

These things and more as T2Q continues to celebrate Women’s History Month! “No experts. Just opinions.” 

Interview scheduled for 15-20 mins.

Show scheduled for 75-90 mins.

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