Netflix & Chill: Acceptable Date or Not?

Wed., Sept. 30th @ 10 PM Eastern

Is catching a movie at his crib an acceptable first or second date? 

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So, you meet this new girl. She appears to be all that and a bag of chips. What do you do for a first date? How about inviting her over to your place to watch Netflix and chill?

Nothing like take out food and a movie to get to know each other on Date One, right? Wrong. If this is your idea of a date with someone you’re not in a relationship with then you need a hug. However, the Millennials firmly believe that this is an acceptable form of dating.

Why do you think that is? Is it because it’s dirt cheap? Is it because it puts her just a few yards from his bedroom? What does one even wear for a Netflix & Chill date? Let’s call it what it is: a booty call with a movie playing in the background.

We’ll discuss that, Zone Coverage, and more on tonight’s Talk 2 Q Radio Show. “No experts. Just opinions.”

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May-November Relationship Do’s & Don’ts!

Tuesday, June 30th at 10 PM ET!

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A May-November relationship is when an older person dates a much younger person. The older person represents November, which is towards the end of the year (and their life), while the younger person represents May, the blossoming part of the year (and their life). Can the two co-exist?

Well, we’ve seen it happen successfully, but more times than not, it’s driven by an agenda.

We’ll discuss the agendas, the pros/cons, and do’s and don’ts and talk about a mistress who sued “her man” $2 million dollars for not marrying her.

All on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show. “No experts. Just opinions.”

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Sex XVI: 7 Ways to Improve Your #Sex Life w/ @DirtyinPublic

Tuesday, May. 12th @ 10 PM EDT 

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A lot of us go through life stuck in our own little bubble. We don’t consider a lot of what goes on around us yet we still seem puzzled at why life is so hard for us. Well, I’m going to help you in one area that is important in relationships, especially marriages. I’m going to help you improve your life in the bedroom.

I have a list of 7 things that you can do that will improve your sex life. Will they make you better in bed? No. Will they make you longer or stronger? Absolutely not. But they will give you more opportunities for the horizontal mambo if you incorporate as many of these as you can in your life. 

And you know that I can’t have a show about sex without Show Legend, Marrie Lobel, stopping by! 

Let’s Talk About Sex returns for Part XVI on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! “No experts. Just opinions.” 

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When Your Booty Call Wants to be Your Bae…

Wednesday, May. 6th @ 10 PM EDT 

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We think that we’re so smart these days. We think that we have it all figured out. Well, maybe a few of us do, but most of us don’t. What makes those people different? They don’t factor in human emotions.

You may think that you have the best situation known to man. You call this person when you want sex and it’s delivered like a Domino’s pizza. You get satisfied and the person goes home satisfied. Win-win, right? Until that person starts to catch feelings for you!

What do you do when your booty call wants to be your boo?

The sex is good so ultimately they think that everything about you may be good. So, they lay up longer after sexual encounters and maybe even try to spend the night on you! How do you avoid this?
My Show Legends will break down the 10 Booty Call Commandments on tonight’s Talk 2 Q Radio Show! “No experts. Just opinions.”

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Does Sex in a Relationship Entitle You to Money?

Tuesday, Apr. 28th @ 10 PM EDT

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Let’s say that you’ve been in a relationship for almost a year now. You and your partner have been sexually active for more than half of that time period. Does that entitle you to certain expectations when it comes to finances?

  • Can a woman expect for a man to get her hair/nails done? 
  • Can a guy expect a new radio for his car? 
  • Can money and sex coexist in a relationship or is it all prostitution when the two collide? 

    Joining me tonight to discuss this relationship topic from the ATL will be “Sherry from The Priceless Minds Show!” Sex, money, relationships, and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! “No experts. Just opinions.”

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    Is #Booty the New Dollar Bill? #SeasonPremiere

    Tuesday, Mar. 10th @ 10 PM EDT 

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    It’s all over. We can’t get enough of it. We love it in movies, TV, and definitely in music. Booty. Something that’s been around since the dawn of time now gets more attention than ever. Now, as a black man, it’s nothing new to me. Culturally speaking, black men in the south have appreciated the derrière since Day One.

    However, let’s be honest that nothing becomes famous until white people get involved. Let’s keep it real. So, when people started appreciating J-Lo and Kim K, the phenomenon blew up to what it is today. But, exactly what is it today?

    • Booty gets women dates from the most eligible guys. 
    • Booty can get you a spot on TV. 
    • Booty can even get you free admission or backstage passes to events. 

    It’s the Season 4 Premiere as T2Q returns from vacation!  We’ll discuss these things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! “No experts. Just opinions.”

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    Let’s Talk About Sex XV: The Art of Foreplay

    Tuesday, Jan. 5th @ 10 PM EDT 

    Call-In #: (347) 202-0215 
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    Yet another installment of the LTOS series as I welcome back author, Marrie Lobel. Joining her will be a newcomer from the Little Shop of O’s, Michele Schalin. Tonight, we will be discussing the art of foreplay. Foreplay is essentially warming up the engine before you decide to drive the car. To some it can be very important and sometimes required in order to have a satisfactory sexual experience.

    The Show Legends and I will mix it up with my guests to determine some of the following questions:

    • Why is foreplay so important? 
    •  Is it only important in relationships and not important in casual sex? 
    • Is there a such thing as too much foreplay? 

    Those things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! 

    “No experts. Just opinions.” 

    Show No. 429

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